Subtle Aggression and Style

Front Bumper Splitter

With the Audi R8 Styling pack our goal was to achieve a new dynamic look without making drastic changes to the shape of the vehicle. We have attained this with a front bumper splitter that complements the shape and flow of the Audi R8.

Moulded perfectly to the existing bumper the splitter creates an air of agreesion, while still keeping to Audi's design ethos.

Rear Bumper Blades

To keep the same level of detail without drastically altering the shape and form of the Audi R8, our designers decided against a full bumper replacement and opted with two Rear Bumper Blades on either side of the vehicle.

The benefit of this style of addition is to create an agressive look without compromising on the aerodynamic shape already present in the vehicle.

Side Skirts

Our designers have created a side skirt for the audi R8 to complement the small changes made to the front and rear of the car. With a straight subtle side skirt with an interior detail scoop, the level of aggression increases while adding the original style of the vehicle.

All components of the Audi R8 Styling pack are available in a choice of Carbon Fibre or high quality GRP Fibre Glass