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Complementing your Colour Palette

In nature, light creates its colours. And at Barugzai, they create their own. As part of their Signature Service comes exclusive and unique Signature Colours. The design team specialize in mixing their own waterborne colours that are uniquely vibrant and timeless. The range consists of exclusive palettes that you can choose from or alternatively, can request a bespoke variation.

From Asahd Brown to Borealis Grey, a selection can be made tailored to suit your tastes.

You can choose from an extensive range of colour options that are available on Barugzai’s Store.

For further information, contact the Barugzai team to arrange a signature consultation.

Whats your XPRESSION?

Barugzai have had a successful year so far and it’s only continuing.

Barugzai is proud to announce their new line of interior leather seats – Barugzai XPRESSIONS. These are a set of exclusive and unique designs of seating which come with its own personality. Exclusively for the Signature Service clients, they can truly show their individuality with a personalised interior, made to character. Barugzai’s team of designers will have preset personalities ready to choose from or bespoke a brand new emblem to make it distinctive.

Revealing their new interior design as part of their Barugzai XPRESSIONS service – comes the WILDCAT XPRESSIONS interior.

Designed to match the fearless and aggressive styling featured in their successful L494 Cabaro body kit. This interior really brings out the wild side in you.

This design features a unique and exclusive feline face hand stitched into the the back-rest, with our signature tetra-comb racing-style finish, which is applied to the head rest and outer areas of the seat collars.

The piping on the outside of the back-rest plate is fashioned in such a way to border off and work seamlessly with the feline stitched face. When all these features have been put together, the back-rest plate resembles that of a lion’s mane.  The central top area of the back-rest features a signature style leather panel, with our branding proudly debossed into the leather. 

The cushion area of the seat is stitched with tetra-comb patterning for comfort and a dynamic finish. The piping features described on the back-rest area are then mirrored to the cushion area of the seat, which unifies the design.

For the finishing touch, we have gone the extra step, by debossing the words “Cabaro” into certain elements of the interior design, most notably on the end of the cushion seat areas and the central armrest.

The above design features are carried through to the other areas of the interior, such as the door cards and centre armrest for a harmonious and pleasing aesthetic.

You can choose from an extensive range of colour options are available on Barugzai’s Store.

For further information, click here and it will take you to Barugzai’s WILDCAT XPRESSIONS page.

Hitting Arabian Scents with the right touch

Not only do Barugzai do exemplary bodykits, turns out, they are now parfum artists and have come out with an Oud of their own.

Oud Royal: The Fragrance by Barugzai. It explores a secret history of addictive Arabic passions – crafting fragrances from precious Oud Wood resins and rich aromas. A fusion of Oud with idealised Dark Arabic spices makes this fragrance royal to the core.

For further information, click here and it will take you to Barugzai’s Oud Royal page.

Custom Steering Wheel Collection

Complete the interior design package with the Barugzai Steering Wheel Collection.

All Barugzai steering wheels have taken heavy inspiration from the motorsport and supercar markets. This can be seen from the flat bottom racing style appearance.

The design features a Carbon Fibre fascia on the top and bottom areas of the product, which is available in either normal carbon weave or forged style. The perforated synthetic rubber hand grips seamlessly fit into the styling, providing the necessary comfort required when driving. Finally, our branding has been placed tastefully on the bottom of the spokes, and on the top of the wheel features a gold band.

Currently available for the L320, L322, L494 & L405 Range Rover Sport & Vogues models 2014-2017 models.

For further information, click here and it will take you to Barugzai’s Steering Wheel Collection page.

Travelling Under the Cosmos

Sit inside and feel like you are sat under the night sky with Barugzai’s Galaxy Headliner. Relax into a crafted leather seat and gaze up into a starry night sky. The headliner’s unique effect is achieved by fitting fibre optic strands at varying depths and at different angles – to cause light to escape in multiple directions and at different intensities. The luminosity of each star can be adjusted to suit your mood: bright to see during the day or dim enough to create a subtle mood to relax under.

For further information, click here and it will take you to Barugzai’s Galaxy Headliner page.

Vulcan Interior for the Vogue L405

Barugzai’s Vulcan 405 interior is the first designed seat to tastefully match the subtle-aggressive styling featured in their L405 Vogue Luxe body kit.

The design of the seats features large, curved racing stripes, which thicken towards the top of the back-rest. In addition, the back-rest insert features a thin racing stripe which runs down the centre of the seat. The pattern for the back-rest insert features a wave in a linear formation and this is then complemented with the quilting pattern on either seat collars, providing a bold, racing style texture combination. At the top of the back rest is our Signature style area which is present on all Barugzai leather seats, featuring the emblem which can be either embroidered or debossed. All the previous design features described on the back-rest area are then mirrored to the cushion area of the seat, as well as the headrest area which unifies the design.

The above design features are carried through to the other areas of the interior, such as the door cards and centre armrest for a harmonious and pleasing aesthetic.

For further information, click here and it will take you to Barugzai’s L405 Vulcan Interior page.

Cabaro In Morocco

Barugzai are excited to announce their first international voyage to the exotic country of Morocco, as part of their new 360 initiative.

The first international bodykit. This Cabaro build couples a Santorini Black body with Polished Face Majestic. The intrepid, athletic look continues inside with a Lavish Cream Leather Interior with Tetra-Comb styling. A completely customised interior comes with a carbon fibre steering wheel which completes the stealth statement.

All styles crafted by Barugzai can be shipped out and fitted internationally. With clientele from across the globe, Barugzai are the first automotive styling brand to fly out their chief fitter to oversee the entire operation – personally, by hand, fitting in the interior to the exterior, making sure everything has been done with the highest detail to attention and unparalleled quality. Barugzai currently has clientele stretching out to the exotic Middle East all the way to party central Europe. Taking the headache out of the fitting process and handling the customisation programme from start to finish.

For further information, click here and it will take you to Barugzai’s Black Badge page.

Feeling ROYAL

Barugzai’s Flagship 24″ Alloy Wheel, MAJESTIC. Royalty, Imperial, Illustrious. These are the statements that make our new 24” wheel. The key forms that were taken forward to production matched closely to the Zellige art movement, commonly found in Middle Eastern geometric patterns and architecture

This allowed us to create a stunning 15 split spoke rim. Every angle is a different pattern, no matter which perspective, you will be sure to be mesmerised by the distinctiveness of the pattern.

Starting from the centre, it begins with a concaved floral pattern, moving outwards, aggression is shown with a 15 tipped spearhead form. Your eyes will then divert to the nib-tip style, softening the edge for the distinct Y-edged line art of the spoke.

Machined chamfered edges and sharp finishes were important design cues, extracted from the elements created with our Majestic alloy wheel. All of this helps in creating a consistent product, which possesses the integral Barugzai design language.

For Further Information, Click Here And It Will Take You To MAJESTIC’s Alloy Wheel Page

This is an image of a range rover sport with the barugzai bodykit cabaro in the moutainside

Unleash the Beast

Barugzai’s Flagship Body-Kit for the Range Rover Sport, Cabaro. Styled and inspired by the Cats of the Jungle.

Speed. Power. Aggression. These are the attributes that define this piece of automotive art. Drawing on the aerodynamics from a Cheetah, the raw aggression from a Tiger, and the power of a Lion, Cabaro was born. The styling from these select big cats gave the design team a chance to come up with a never seen design.

Cabaro has a cutting-edge, distinct and streamlined appearance with multiple personalities: sporty, aggressive and mighty. The muscular and smooth surfaces make it appear strong and self-secure, while Barugzai’s E X E L wheels allow a luxury super sports car look. All the surfaces are designed with a clear attention to functionality. The extreme proportions and the single accent line make Cabaro, truly supreme. The proportions are unique. The Cabaro design took inspiration from the King of the Jungle regarding raw power and showing aerodynamic lines like the stripes on a Tiger.

At Barugzai, the ideas don’t stop until they aren’t at peak perfection

For further information, click here and it will take you to the Cabaro Body Kit Page

SIZE Matters

Barugzai’s first 24″ Alloy Wheel, EXEL. The inspiration for EXEL was taken from the size of the rim itself, being that it is the largest we currently provide – in an astonishing 24”. Therefore, it was important to extract things in the world that can be considered strong, gigantic and possessed an air of dominance – as this is the feeling we wanted to evoke on the road when EXEL is fitted on a vehicle. With these elements in mind, it allowed us to create an astounding eight spoke rim which is visually intuitive, whilst still maintaining the design language from our previous 22” alloy wheel designs.

Around the spokes of the Exel rim are thin engraved cuts which act as accent lines and add a visual border to the face of the wheel.

Finally, the last visual touch that was added to the Exel wheel, was the engraved lettering of our brand name, positioned in a subtle and tasteful way that is not overbearing and further adds personality to the face of the design.

For further information, click here and it will take you to EXEL’s Alloy Wheel Store Page