Custom Steering Wheel Collection

Complete the interior design package with the Barugzai Steering Wheel Collection.

All Barugzai steering wheels have taken heavy inspiration from the motorsport and supercar markets. This can be seen from the flat bottom racing style appearance.

The design features a Carbon Fibre fascia on the top and bottom areas of the product, which is available in either normal carbon weave or forged style. The perforated synthetic rubber hand grips seamlessly fit into the styling, providing the necessary comfort required when driving. Finally, our branding has been placed tastefully on the bottom of the spokes, and on the top of the wheel features a gold band.

Currently available for the L320, L322, L494 & L405 Range Rover Sport & Vogues models 2014-2017 models.

For further information, click here and it will take you to Barugzai’s Steering Wheel Collection page.