Styles of Barugzai

We showcase a sophisticated range of styles, each with its own personality. With many more styles in the works, which will you choose from?

Alloy Wheels

Step into our virtual showroom and select from our wide range of alloy wheels. Each wheel comes with a distinct character. See which character suits you best.

Automotive Accessories

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B-Smart Collection

Compliment your Barugzai vehicle with our Smart Accessories. Get healthy with our Barugzai Digital Health Bands or stylize your wrists with the first Automotive branded smartwatch. The choice is yours.


Match with your vehicle with the all new Barugzai clothing line. Stay cool with our Snapbacks or if you’re feeling chilly, put on our 100% authentic cotton Hoodies. The choice is yours.

Fragrances by Barugzai

Feel as though you are in the Middle East with Barugzai’s Original Oud Royal. Explore a secret history of addictive Arabic passions - a fusion of oud with idealised dark Arabic spices makes this fragrance royal to the core.


For every other little item you could possible want. from leather goods, to diamond studded pens, Barugzai stocks them all.

Products by vehicle

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