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Whats your XPRESSION?

Barugzai have had a successful year so far and it’s only continuing.

Barugzai is proud to announce their new line of interior leather seats – Barugzai XPRESSIONS. These are a set of exclusive and unique designs of seating which come with its own personality. Exclusively for the Signature Service clients, they can truly show their individuality with a personalised interior, made to character. Barugzai’s team of designers will have preset personalities ready to choose from or bespoke a brand new emblem to make it distinctive.

Revealing their new interior design as part of their Barugzai XPRESSIONS service – comes the WILDCAT XPRESSIONS interior.

Designed to match the fearless and aggressive styling featured in their successful L494 Cabaro body kit. This interior really brings out the wild side in you.

This design features a unique and exclusive feline face hand stitched into the the back-rest, with our signature tetra-comb racing-style finish, which is applied to the head rest and outer areas of the seat collars.

The piping on the outside of the back-rest plate is fashioned in such a way to border off and work seamlessly with the feline stitched face. When all these features have been put together, the back-rest plate resembles that of a lion’s mane.  The central top area of the back-rest features a signature style leather panel, with our branding proudly debossed into the leather. 

The cushion area of the seat is stitched with tetra-comb patterning for comfort and a dynamic finish. The piping features described on the back-rest area are then mirrored to the cushion area of the seat, which unifies the design.

For the finishing touch, we have gone the extra step, by debossing the words “Cabaro” into certain elements of the interior design, most notably on the end of the cushion seat areas and the central armrest.

The above design features are carried through to the other areas of the interior, such as the door cards and centre armrest for a harmonious and pleasing aesthetic.

You can choose from an extensive range of colour options are available on Barugzai’s Store.

For further information, click here and it will take you to Barugzai’s WILDCAT XPRESSIONS page.

This is an image of a range rover sport with the barugzai bodykit cabaro in the moutainside

Unleash the Beast

Barugzai’s Flagship Body-Kit for the Range Rover Sport, Cabaro. Styled and inspired by the Cats of the Jungle.

Speed. Power. Aggression. These are the attributes that define this piece of automotive art. Drawing on the aerodynamics from a Cheetah, the raw aggression from a Tiger, and the power of a Lion, Cabaro was born. The styling from these select big cats gave the design team a chance to come up with a never seen design.

Cabaro has a cutting-edge, distinct and streamlined appearance with multiple personalities: sporty, aggressive and mighty. The muscular and smooth surfaces make it appear strong and self-secure, while Barugzai’s E X E L wheels allow a luxury super sports car look. All the surfaces are designed with a clear attention to functionality. The extreme proportions and the single accent line make Cabaro, truly supreme. The proportions are unique. The Cabaro design took inspiration from the King of the Jungle regarding raw power and showing aerodynamic lines like the stripes on a Tiger.

At Barugzai, the ideas don’t stop until they aren’t at peak perfection

For further information, click here and it will take you to the Cabaro Body Kit Page