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Complementing your Colour Palette

In nature, light creates its colours. And at Barugzai, they create their own. As part of their Signature Service comes exclusive and unique Signature Colours. The design team specialize in mixing their own waterborne colours that are uniquely vibrant and timeless. The range consists of exclusive palettes that you can choose from or alternatively, can request a bespoke variation.

From Asahd Brown to Borealis Grey, a selection can be made tailored to suit your tastes.

You can choose from an extensive range of colour options that are available on Barugzai’s Store.

For further information, contact the Barugzai team to arrange a signature consultation.

Travelling Under the Cosmos

Sit inside and feel like you are sat under the night sky with Barugzai’s Galaxy Headliner. Relax into a crafted leather seat and gaze up into a starry night sky. The headliner’s unique effect is achieved by fitting fibre optic strands at varying depths and at different angles – to cause light to escape in multiple directions and at different intensities. The luminosity of each star can be adjusted to suit your mood: bright to see during the day or dim enough to create a subtle mood to relax under.

For further information, click here and it will take you to Barugzai’s Galaxy Headliner page.