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Feeling ROYAL

Barugzai’s Flagship 24″ Alloy Wheel, MAJESTIC. Royalty, Imperial, Illustrious. These are the statements that make our new 24” wheel. The key forms that were taken forward to production matched closely to the Zellige art movement, commonly found in Middle Eastern geometric patterns and architecture

This allowed us to create a stunning 15 split spoke rim. Every angle is a different pattern, no matter which perspective, you will be sure to be mesmerised by the distinctiveness of the pattern.

Starting from the centre, it begins with a concaved floral pattern, moving outwards, aggression is shown with a 15 tipped spearhead form. Your eyes will then divert to the nib-tip style, softening the edge for the distinct Y-edged line art of the spoke.

Machined chamfered edges and sharp finishes were important design cues, extracted from the elements created with our Majestic alloy wheel. All of this helps in creating a consistent product, which possesses the integral Barugzai design language.

For Further Information, Click Here And It Will Take You To MAJESTIC’s Alloy Wheel Page

SIZE Matters

Barugzai’s first 24″ Alloy Wheel, EXEL. The inspiration for EXEL was taken from the size of the rim itself, being that it is the largest we currently provide – in an astonishing 24”. Therefore, it was important to extract things in the world that can be considered strong, gigantic and possessed an air of dominance – as this is the feeling we wanted to evoke on the road when EXEL is fitted on a vehicle. With these elements in mind, it allowed us to create an astounding eight spoke rim which is visually intuitive, whilst still maintaining the design language from our previous 22” alloy wheel designs.

Around the spokes of the Exel rim are thin engraved cuts which act as accent lines and add a visual border to the face of the wheel.

Finally, the last visual touch that was added to the Exel wheel, was the engraved lettering of our brand name, positioned in a subtle and tasteful way that is not overbearing and further adds personality to the face of the design.

For further information, click here and it will take you to EXEL’s Alloy Wheel Store Page

Alluringly Addictive

Barugzai’s 2nd Addition To The Alloy Wheel Collection, OPIUM. Inspiration For The 22″ Wheel Was Taken From The Natural World. Initially, Our Team Were Inspired By The Shapes Found In Certain Mammals In Wildlife. However, The Key Forms That Were Taken Forward To Production, Were From The Shape Flower Petals Yield When In Full Bloom.

This Allowed Us To Create A Stunning 5 Spoke Split Rim, Which Possesses Two Patterns, Depending On The Placement Of The Centre Cap. The First Is Aggressive And Resembles The Head Of Bull/Goats, Where The Spokes Fan Outwards Approximately 55°; Whereas The Second Pattern Is Elegant And Dainty, Like A Flower.

Machined Chamfered Edges And Sharp Finishes Were Important Design Cues, Extracted From The Elements Created With Our Dawn Alloy Wheel. All Of This Helps In Creating A Consistent Product, Which Possesses The Integral Barugzai Design Language.

For further information, click here and it will take you to OPIUM’s Alloy Wheel Store Page

The DAWN of a New Era

Barugzai’s first 22″ Alloy Wheel, DAWN. This Represents The Dawn Of A New Era In Automotive Design. Our Team Of In-House Designers Were Commissioned To Create An Unprecedented Wheel That Would Bring Together The Passions Of Premium 4×4 Owners Across The World. What Followed Has Been A Wonderful Fusion Of Geometric Shapes And Symmetrical Patterns.

DAWN Will Grace Your Vehicle With A Breathtaking 10 Spoke Split Rim, Which Is Both Familiar And Yet Unique, But Reassuringly Bold And Durable In Its Form. Chamfered Edges And Sharp Finishes Were Important Design Cues And It’s These Subtle Aesthetic Details Which Create An Unmistakable Barugzai Style

This Alloy Wheel Is Characterised By The Upper Portion On The Polished Face Of The Spoke, Which Jut Out 70° On Either Side – Making The Top Half Wider Than The Lower. This Is What Creates Dawn’s Unique And Stunning Personality, And The Premier Choice For The Client Wanting To Make A Statement Of Style And Substance.

For further information, click here and it will take you to DAWN’S Alloy Wheel Store Page