Designed without compromise. Our latest flagship wheel, CASANOVA, our first 23” alloy wheel. Styled for the super luxury 4x4/SUV market, CASANOVA reflects the suave debonair in you.

Distinctive in design and finessed in craftsmanship, CASANOVA is divided into 2 segments. The first segment is made up of 20 V-Tail spokes, inspired by the fork tailed fly-catcher bird, giving us the sharp-edged features of each V-Tail. The second segment is made from 10 straight spines, giving it the bold-edged appearance. When you bring all these features together, you are left with a product that exudes exclusivity, opulence and tranquillity.

Accentuate your Barugzai commission with any effect you desire, be it discreet to bold - CASANOVA will don your vehicle and mesmerise you with a striking 30 spoke split rim, reminiscing the familiar feel of our wheel collection. Sink into the deep concavity, giving our wheel that indulgent look, proving it is in a class of its own.

Machined chamfered edges and sharp finishes were important design cues, extracted from the elements created with our Casanova alloy wheel. All of this helps in creating a consistent product, which possesses the integral Barugzai design language.



We captured CASANOVA in its best light, with our in house professional studio room.

Browse our gallery below to appreciate the attention to detail that has been put it to create our CASANOVA alloy wheel.

Pre-order only

Barugzai CASANOVA is available only in Gloss Black + Polished Face Available to Pre-order from 01.07.2020


CASANOVA is designed to fit a range of the most popular 4x4’s, SUV’s and prestige vehicles on the market.

23” x 10J 5 x 108 +30 63.4
23” x 10J 5 x 112 +25 57.1
23” x 10J 5 x 112 +25 66.5
23” x 10J 5 x 120 +30 72.6
23” x 10J 5 x 120 +30 74.1
23” x 10J 5 x 130 +30 71.6
*Additional finishes & fitments available upon request.


Our wheels look best when fitted on our vehicles. Don’t just take our word for it, browse our gallery below.


Will you behave yourself? Introducing our 23” CASANOVA alloy wheels. Release your desire on the road and show the bachelor in you. Watch the video below and if you want a set for yourself, contact Barugzai, quoting CASANOVA and we will fulfill your order.

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