24” X 10J

EXEL / 24

The inspiration for the Exel wheel was taken from the size of the rim itself, being that it is the largest we currently provide – in an astonishing 24”. Therefore, it was important to extract things in the world that can be considered strong, gigantic and possessed an air of dominance – as this is the feeling we wanted to evoke on the road when Exel is fitted on a vehicle. With these elements in mind, it allowed us to create an astounding eight spoke rim which is visually intuitive, whilst still maintaining the design language from our previous 22” alloy wheel designs.

Around the spokes of the Exel rim are thin engraved cuts which act as accent lines and add a visual border to the face of the wheel.

Finally, the last visual touch that was added to the Exel wheel, was the engraved lettering of our brand name, positioned in a subtle and tasteful way that is not overbearing and further adds personality to the face of the design.

Studio Shots

We captured Exel in its best light, with our in house professional studio room.

Browse our gallery below to appreciate the attention to detail that has been put it to create our Exel alloy wheel.
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Barugzai Exel is available in six premium colours and finishes, each possessing their own characteristics. From classic silver to stylish diamond poilished finishes.


EXEL is designed to fit a range of the most popular 4×4’s, SUV’s and prestige vehicles on the market.
24” x 10J 5 x 108 +30 63.4
24” x 10J 5 x 112 +25 57.1
24” x 10J 5 x 112 +25 66.5
24” x 10J 5 x 120 +30 72.6
24” x 10J 5 x 120 +30 74.1
24” x 10J 5 x 130 +30 71.6


Our wheels look best when fitted on our vehicles. Don’t just take our word for it, browse our gallery below.
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BIG. BOLD. STRONG. Make way for our 24” EXEL alloy wheels. Do you think you have what it takes to EXEL on the roads? Watch the video below and if you want a set for yourself, contact Barugzai, quoting EXEL and we will fulfil your order.