Porsche acknowledged as the Apex Predators of the automotive industry. Known for style through simplicity, Barugzai have taken the next step in evolution and made something good, superior. Eleganza brings out the contours and cutting edges from the Porsche and makes a derivative impact when on the roads.



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Alloy Wheels add a new sense of expression and class to your vehicle. At Barugzai, we pride ourselves on our Wheel Collection. We exclusively design our alloys only to be suited for premium 4x4s/SUV’s and for prestige vehicles.

All Barugzai alloys are moulded from the best aircraft grade aluminum and lacquered to insure we leave no stone unturned for perfection. To make sure our alloys are flawless in detail, we quality check all our wheels for performance, strength and durability.

Our Wheel Collection come in unique finishes, selective only to Barugzai. With the drive to be different, each one of our finishes define an individual character for you to choose from. Our ranges stretch from the exuberant Diamond Polished finish all the way to the classic Gloss Blacks and Hyper Silvers.


Attention to detail is key. The smallest detail can make the biggest difference. Performance is an essential part in customising and here at Barugzai, we take every feature into account. Using our in-house team, we design and build our exhausts using high-grade stainless steel. All testing is quality checked to approve the performance in all our vehicles.


Wanting to add an extra special touch? Look no further. Barugzai can oblige your every request, be it big or small - the devotion to perfection is endless.

Wear it proud

Our lettering is part of your Barugzai vehicle. Show the world and wear the name proudly.

Functionality with style

Give your Barugzai vehicle a wider stance on the road with our official wheel spacers. Designed solely to be parterned with the Barugzai Wheel Collection.

Keep the Icon Going

The finishing touches to your Barugzai vehicle. The centre piece to your alloys. Embellish the brand on your Barugzai Alloys. Perfect fit to the perfect vehicle.

Every little detail counts

Even the tiniest aspects at Barugzai are customised to your liking. Our embossed dust caps come in a range of different colours for you to choose from.


Check out Eleganza jaunting in the playground. Look at in more detail down below and if you are interested, contact Barugzai, quoting Eleganza and we will accommodate your every need.

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