Price: Per product
Wheels: 29″
Colour: Black with Barugzai Gold
Features: Li-ion Rechargable Battery, pedal assist, High-tech operation, anti-tamper
Aluminium Alloy




The Barugzai NRG E-Bike.

Suited to almost any terrain, it can handle extreme mountain climbs and trailblazing paths. If you want to use it as a commute, it can be used on unpaved or paved street and be utilized in towns. This powerful electric bike features a range of incredible features, including pedal assist, an LCD display and adjustable front hydraulic suspension. Running on a Lithium battery, the NRG E-Bike V1 can ride up to 35km on a full charge, and charges swiftly to ensure that you get the most out of your e-bike

Powered with a monster 48 Volt 10AH Lithium Li-ion battery, the range will vary from a typical 35km without rider pedal assistance, and up to 50km with pedal assistance.

An LCD control unit relays rider information including the five different levels of power assist, trip computer, speed, journey time and battery voltage

A removable key locks the battery to your machine for security and battery may also be charged in situ or off the bike for convenience.

The gears are Shimano Tourney TX 7-speed, coupled with the Shimano SIS system. The SIS system is an extra add on that moves the rear derailleur precisely the right amount producing a super smooth gear change. The sealed bottom bracket crank bearings give protection from the elements for less maintenance and longer life.

Three cycling modes:

• Fully electric mode. Twist and go.
• Pedal assist where the rider pedals and the electric motor also propels
• Non assisted normal cycling


Model code:

Dimensions (cm):

Aluminium Alloy

• 29″ Robust and hard-wearing rubber tyres
• 48V 10A Lithium Ion Rechargable Battery
•12-speed gear
• LCD control unit
• Lock, unlock and alert tampering the bike just like a car with the portable key FOB

• 35km on a full battery
• 50km with pedal assist

Top speed:
• 20 mph

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Black, Burgundy, Grey, Pink