Price: Per Set
Colour: Available In Seven Different Finishes
Size: 24” X 10J
Material: Aluminium

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The Majestic Wheel. Royalty, Imperial, Illustrious. These are the forms that make our new 24” wheel Majestic. The key forms that were taken forward to production matched closely to the Zellige art movement, commonly found in Middle Eastern geometric patterns and architecture

This allowed us to create a stunning 15 split spoke rim. Every angle is a different pattern, no matter which perspective, you will be sure to be mesmerised by the distinctiveness of the pattern.

Starting from the centre, it begins with a concaved floral pattern, moving outwards, aggression is shown with a 15 tipped spearhead form. Your eyes will then divert to the
nib-tip style, softening the edge for the distinct Y-edged line art of the spoke.

Machined chamfered edges and sharp finishes were important design cues, extracted from the elements created with our Majestic alloy wheel. All of this helps in creating a consistent product, which possesses the integral Barugzai design language.




Model code:

24″x 10J

5×108, 5×112, 5×120, 5×130

ET/Offset (mm):
+25, +30 (more available upon request)

Centre Bore (mm):
57.1. 63.4, 66.5, 71.6. 72.6. 74.1

Recommended Tyre Size:
275/30/24, 295/35/24

Load Rating (per):
955 kg




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Gloss Black, Gloss Black + Polished Face, Gun Metal Grey, Hibiscus Red + Polished Face, Hyper Silver, Matte Black + Matte Polished Face, Noble Gold + Polished Face


5 × 108 / 63.4, 5 × 112 / 57.1, 5 × 112 / 66.5, 5 × 120 / 72.6, 5 × 130 / 71.6, 5 x 120 / 74.1